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A Kiss From Nyx

Written by: TL on 14/03/2011 22:56:02

"There's one rule with this band - if it's not epic, we're not doing it. We strive to make our songs as catchy, as massive and as epic as we possibly can". So speaks the young UK four-piece Day Of The Sirens, in an article in Rock Sound magazine, preceding the recent release of the band's "A Kiss From Nyx EP", and from the sound of its songs, they weren't trying to pull a bluff. This is exactly the kind of soaring, emotive rock that has canonized the likes of Emarosa and Secret & Whisper, and although I haven't found many new things the band has added to the genre, I am quite impressed with the quality of this self-released sophomore EP of theirs.

You see while there isn't anything revolutionary about the quartet's dual-guitar approach, layering lofty melodies upon meaty chords, they put in a strong showing via five consistently catchy songs, and a well-crafted, coherent soundscape. Singer/guitarist Jake Fox leads the sonic charge with a high-pitched, characteristic voice, that although it is a bit thin in the higher parts, still sounds deliciously untampered with, compared to the often overly digitized vocals of many of DOTS's current contemporaries.

While the five songs on offer don't vary much in quality, I do find opener "Home Is A Working Title" and centre-piece "Dark Days Part One" to have a slight edge over the others, through the sheer force of their choruses. On the flip-side, if I had to point out a low, it would be in second song "211 Kramer", the melodies of which seem like they don't quite fit each other, even if the song is still relatively catchy.

Overall, this EP seems a fairly strong statement of intent from Day Of The Siren, and one can only hope that they can soon gather the necessary support and resources to record a proper LP. If so, it will be interesting to see if Fox can squeeze just a little more power out of those vocals, and if the stubbornly epic approach can sustain prolonged listener interest. From the sound of this though, things seem headed in entirely the right direction.

Download: Home Is A Working Title, Dark Days Part One
For The Fans Of: City Escape, Secret & Whisper, Ella Sera, Emarosa

Release Date 14.02.2011

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