Thousand Autumns

City Of Sun

Written by: TL on 14/03/2011 23:24:06

Another review, another hopeful young British band, creating accessible, energetic and scenester-friendly rock-music. In this case, the band's name is Thousand Autumns, their debut EP is called "City Of Sun" and its promotional material has the following to say about their style: "Cleverly combining the diverse influences spread across the band, they create melodic-catchiness backed up by unique, coma inducing riffs that separate them from the typical sing/scream bands of today".

Now, all bands out there, pay attention: It is almost never a good thing when a reviewer quotes your promotional material. He is most likely doing so because he disagrees with it, and that is also the case here. Because I honestly don't find any of Thousand Autumns' riffage to be either unique or coma-inducing, and no matter how capable and well-meaning they otherwise are, I'm hard pressed to separate them by any length from 'the typical sing/scream bands of today'.

In fact, this far in their career, I think Thousand Autumns sound as typical as they come. They shouldn't let that bring them down too much though, because when it comes to debut EP's, I think most bands should be overjoyed as long as they manage to put something together that doesn't sound amateurish, and that is something this band can easily claim to have achieved.

For them to get their name out there though, I think there's a list of things for them to work on. First of all, neither the singing or the screaming has quite enough power to really compliment either the soundscape or its counterpart, and secondly, the compositions on offer are honestly too straight-forward, and I think that it is largely them being to blame, for the songs ending up coming across as average as is the case. Overall, "City Of Sun" strikes me as a work of both conviction and dedication, but also one about which the best I can say, is that I have at least heard much worse - And unfortunately, I've also heard much better.


Download: I Chose Not To Remember
For The Fans Of: Funeral For A Friend, We Are The Ocean, Deaf Havana

Release Date 28.02.2011

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