Dark Reflexions

Beyond Obscurity

Written by: PP on 17/03/2011 05:02:51

Dark Reflexions are an unapologetic metalcore band hailing from Austria. They release their debut full length called "Beyond Obscurity" last year, which they've apparently modeled after the Darkest Hour classic "Undoing Ruin" to almost letter, except without the album of the decade tag surrounding its release.

By that definition alone, you should know exactly what to expect: melodic, melodeath inspired metalcore riffs, plenty of tapped melodies and all screamed vocals. In the latter department, Dark Reflexions are a little more hardcore in comparison, opting for a semi-growled, semi-yelled approach instead of the clean screaming style of John Henry. You know what else they are in that department? Very much inferior. Their vocalist sounds like he is having trouble obtaining enough air in his lungs to proceed with screaming/growling, so it comes across as hollow and somewhat powerless.

Fortunately, the rest of the band makes up for this deficiency with some sweet-ass guitar licks. One listen to "Eternal Fear" will tell you that while these guys aren't quite on Darkest Hour/Anterior/All That Remains level when it comes to writing irresistible melodies, they're pretty damn close. Their dual guitar approach makes for some thick, rich layers of melody that drive the songs forward, another good example of which can be found on "Euthanasia". It's just really annoying that their vocals have to be so sub-par to what is the standard in metalcore these days. A better screamer, and "Beyond Obscurity" would be an excellent release.


Download: Eternal Fear, Euthanasia
For the fans of: Darkest Hour, Anterior, Orchid's Curse
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Release date 20.11.2010
Silent Noise Records

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