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Between The Lies

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Memphis May Fire are a bunch of dudes from Dallas, Texas, US and they made a name for themselves putting southern rock with a more modern post-hardcore sound back in 2009 with their last album "Sleepwalking". Now skip forward more than a year and the guys are back with an EP "Between The Lies". Now for those of you who were charmed no doubt by the swaggering stylish Memphis May Fire of "Sleepwalking" may be in for a rude awakening (see what I did there?) when they spin "Between The Lies". Now some of you may debate or question all you want about how Memphis May Fire perhaps were trying to stand out in an overcrowded scene and then suddenly jump right into the middle, but first we got to consider just what the deal is with their new EP and why it is Memphis May Fire as you have never heard them before.

Admittedly I did not actually give "Sleepwalking" as much attention at the time as perhaps I should have, but I am approaching "Between The Lies" from a neutral newcomer perspective. And for the most part? Well I enjoy it for what it is - well made, cheeky and fun metallic post-hardcore with catchy melodies, breakdowns and gnarly riffs. Okay I am not going to lie to anybody, it's not got the same sense of originality as "Sleepwalking", it certainly doesn't feel as special considering the competition out there and thirdly for the hardcore fans of the southern-rock influence, it can be seen as a bit of slap in the face when those influences are drastically downsized here. But those of you who actually don't mind a more generic approach to post-hardcore/metalcore, there's actually some substance behind it all that is worth checking out. Guitarists Ryan Bentley and Kellen McGregor can certainly whip up a storm of tasty guitar riffs and fiery and creative melodic lead work that shows them as no slouches when it comes to something as blistering, heavy, yet hookdriven as opening song "Be Careful What You Wish For". The latter of the duo also singing some nice clean vocals throughout as well as adding in some smart programming and keyboards to the songs that lends a lot for example to the darker atmosphere of slow burner "Vaulted Ceilings".

Part of the reason why this release actually stands firm for the most part when so many bands out there do the same style is partly because there are only five songs in the release, and each of them have strong defining hooks or sections that are made with quality in mind, so for those who can get into this theres a fair amount of replay value here. Genre and scene naysayers will be naysayers and that changing your style to be more accessible and making more bucks should be frowned upon in a perfect world, but these guys at least do this style well enough that I doubt they will lose too many fans or sleep over it - and hey they got to pay the bills and feed themselves right? While it would have been interesting to hear that southern rock influence they once had mixed a bit more consistently here on "Between The Lies", I can't say this record is not something to be dismissed outright. Memphis May Fire is a band that is starting to put its hands on the centre stage with other rising names like The Word Alive and Of Mice & Men, and it will be interesting to see where their imminent full length record will really take them this year.


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