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The Infinite Et Cetera EP

Written by: PP on 12/04/2011 06:47:20

I can't quite recall what Lower Definition's previous album "The Greatest Of All The Lost Arts" sounded like because I found it somewhat bland overall, but I'm fairly sure it had nothing to do with Glassjaw-esque angular riffs and explosive vocal lines similar to those fired by Daryl Palumbo on all recordings by said band. Yet that's the sound that Lower Definition have drifted towards on "The Infinite Et Cetera EP", which is essentially just a collection of demos written by the band in hopes of one day including them on a full length, self-released digitally as a treat for their fans for now.

The carrying force of "The Infinite Et Cetera" is without a doubt their vocalist Matt Geise, whose performance is nothing short of excellent throughout the record. He varies his expression with Palumbo-like exploration of his whole range, scaling up and down melodies in a wholly unpredictable manner. It fits the instrumentation nicely, which is full of surprising twists and turns, and although the band have a second member doing the explosive screaming, it all feels very Glassjaw-like: a lively, intelligent sound that makes mockery of most modern post-hardcore bands through its organic and innovative soundscape. Granted, there's the occasional Dance Gavin Dance-inspired part, too, but I don't think any of us are in a position to complain about the inclusion of that. So let me just keep it short and tell you this: Lower Definition's five 'demo cuts' are an example of what can happen when creativity is allowed to flow freely into whatever direction the band feels like going towards. It's too short to warrant extraordinary hype, but the songs are all very good, so go ahead and snatch it for 5 dollars on their bandcamp page.


Download: Cars, Kobe Grip
For the fans of: Glassjaw, Lovehatehero, Dance Gavin Dance
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 09.02.2011

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