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Murder The Mountains

Written by: PP on 19/04/2011 22:11:44

Portland based Red Fang are the last band to try to capitalize on people's love for some good ol' barbecue by offering them some Southern-flavored sauce in the form of a new album, "Murder The Mountains". It's a record that blends together metal and rock'n'roll much in the same way as Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster did on their debut, but also throws in darker edges in the vein of bands like Bison B.C., Torche, Black Tusk and at times even Kylesa. I hope you like your meat well done.

Even though the album frequently wanders into the realm of groove-laden metal which you'd imagine to have very little interest for anyone working with mainstream artists, it so happens that Chris Funk (Decemberists) has produced the album, with Vance Powell mixing and mastering. The latter person we of course know from his work on albums by Kings Of Leon and The White Stripes. Then again it's not that strange considering how poppy a couple of songs like "Wires" are. They are so riff-driven that listening to any fifteen second sample of the record makes the listener want to pick up a guitar and play along, but as soon as the vocals smooth out into faded cleans (think Maylene here), the melodies breathe new life into the genre. Thanks to the names behind the knobs, Red Fang sound precise and convincing most of the time, even if they fail to impress on the heavier tracks. Sharp listeners will also detect hints of Queens Of The Stone Age inspired stoner rock in places, which is the final argument why you should check out "Murder The Mountains".


Download: Wires, Hank Is Dead
For the fans of: Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Bison B.C., Kylesa, Torche
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Release date 12.04.2011

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