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Despite not being a frequent apparition in Danish venues, terminal have managed to forge quite a name for themselves overseas. The Copenhagen based alternative rock three-piece received considerable attention via their single "Chasing Light", which came on regular rotation on American MTV in 2009, and have since busied themselves with recording four brand new songs for "Ignite the World", the EP follow-up to the band's debut album, "Bring Forth the Few". It seems that the success is bound to continue, what with staging an unplugged session and various live showcases, again in coordination with MTV, in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA.

Whereas "Bring Forth the Few" suffered from having next to no lasting value, "Ignite the World" offers the polar opposite. The bittersweet melodies are still at the core, but lessons have been learned and spice has been added; the weight is now on memorable songs while the rampant pretense has been quenched. It takes less than one minute of "Rise and Sing" to understand why terminal were noticed so early on: the soft, emotive vocals (a mix of Anthony Caleb Followill, Tim Christensen and Matthew Bellamy) and thoughtful lyrics are tailor made for airplay on the less chart infested radio channels and programs (think DR P3), and the conventional song dynamics ensure there is plenty to sing along to in the live setting.

Indeed, terminal seem to have realized that faux sophistication earns only the respect of the indie hipster crowd, and that attracting the mainstream ear requires a strong chorus and hooks such as those found in abundance on "Waiting For", "Look at Me Now", and "I Can't Die". As such, the majestic Muse influence has been toned down in favor of a more restrained and straightforward sound reminiscent of terminal's grand masters Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, albeit with a modern facelift. Admittedly the safe choice, but one that ensures it is difficult, if not impossible, to put a finger on anything decidedly wrong about "Ignite the World".

But then perhaps it is this realization that everything is as it should be that bugs me - the EP is almost too polished and predictable, like the picture perfect Wisteria Lane. The four songs bring forth few surprises and remain guarded within the sphere of influences that helped shape the band, showing no desire to stand out. But while "Ignite the World" may lack the edge required to match current alt rock heavyweights like Kings of Leon, it is still a formidable effort with the rare quality of being infectiously catchy that most Danish bands know nothing of.

Download: Rise and Sing, Waiting For, I Can't Die
For the fans of: D-A-D, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Jimmy Eat World, Muse
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Release date 26.01.2011
** Unsigned band **

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