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You know summer is just around the corner when bands like The Anchor Boys start popping up like flowers in the spring with new records, to use a cliché expression for the lack of a better one. They play a light-hearted brand of pop-hardcore which takes its cues from the old New Found Glory records, precisely the same style popularized by Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Four Year Strong, etc in the last few years. There's just something very likable about bright, fast-paced melodies and joyous and hyper-melodic vocals that are supported by timely gang shouts in just the right places, particularly during this time of the year.

The record opens with a piece that could've been on the first Set Your Goals record, but the tracks that follow settle down a bit towards a sound that's somewhere between Fireworks, New Found Glory and The Wonder Years. There's lots of variety speed-wise with some tracks bombing down like there's no tomorrow, and others opting for a softer and quieter ballad format. Either way, The Anchor Boys write infectious choruses that are perfect sing-a-longs on a sunny summer day. "Blueberry Pancakes" in particular is irresistible - if you're not singing along by the end of the song you're listening to the wrong genre.

"I Want My Pants Back" throws in some With The Punches-sounding guitars (in a much slower pace though), which is nice, cause it adds a little more variety to the record. Because let's be honest here, The Anchor Boys are so similar to so many bands playing this style that any tiny bit of variation thrown in will help them in the long run. That's also why I'm going to end the review here. All you need to know about "Devastator" is that it's damn catchy, and sounds like the bands mentioned in this review. Should you have lived under a rock and be new to this style, expect ridiculously catchy pop punk delivered at an excellent tempo, with hardcore vocals in between ripping guitar leads, gang shouts for good measure, and a fun, no-frills atmosphere all-around.

Download: Devastator, Blueberry Pancakes
For the fans of: New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Fireworks
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Release date 29.03.2011
Panic Records

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