Safeways Here We Come EP

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Chixdiggit! are one of the lesser known bands in the Fat Wreck Chords family despite having released five full lengths of power pop / pop punk sweetness between 1996 and 2007. Since then we haven't heard much to the Ramones influenced boys, and for that reason they've decided to freshen up their fan base with a new EP called "Safeways Here We Come", a rather silly title but one that really says what this band is all about: no-frills, light-hearted pop punk for those people who don't need their music to be serious at all times.

And so Chixdiggit! spend a little over sixteen minutes singing about hating basketball, loving hockey, stupid hairdo's, and other topics usually more associated with teenagers than men in their 30s. Fortunately Chixdiggit! have an excellent vocalist whose witty lyrics transform seemingly mundane topics into funny sing-a-long anthems, precisely in the same manner as Teenage Bottlerocket, The Hextalls or The Dopamines do. For Chixdiggit! fall into that same group of bands who rely on overtly simplistic three chord pop punk chords from start to finish, but yet pack enough hooks and catchy vocal lines to make them oh-so-enjoyable. Just like Screeching Weasel before them, and Zatopeks today, their up-beat pop punk songs will lighten up the mood in any circumstances. After all, who doesn't want to sing with them from the top of their lungs "I HATE BASKETBALL!!" on repeat?

Basically Chixdiggit! are another antonym to those sweet, sugar-coated pop punk bands of today who place so much focus on the pop and image elements that they forget to write insanely catchy songs in the process. Chixdiggit! will never achieve similar stardom as a result, but there's simply no way you'll come out of listening to their album bored or in a bad mood. Sometimes, that's all you need for a solid album.

Download: I Hate Basketball, Miso Ramen
For the fans of: Teenage Bottlerocket, The Dopamines, Zatopeks, The Hextalls
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Release date 15.02.2011
Fat Wreck Chords

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