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Iron Chic from New York are a punk band on a roll right now. Both their demo and their debut EP were hailed as the greatest thing to be released post-Latterman breakup by fans of the melodically shouted, emotionally charged punk, and then they released debut album "Not Like This" to incredible critical acclaim from all across the internet. There's a sense of urgency and immediacy to their meteoric but steady rise into success within the punk rock circles that you can tell just from listening to a couple of songs to their new EP "Split N' Shit" that they are going to be huge by the time their second full length drops.

Which is, of course, to be expected from a band which houses two members of Latterman, a dude from Capital, plus members from smaller and lesser known bands like Small Arms Dealer, Jonesin', and Get Bent. Though Latterman is obviously the number one reference present in their sound, what with the melodic, yet subtle gang vocals, and the highly emotionally charged lead vocal delivery, but you can tell that they've been listening to the Midwestern punk bands like Dillinger Four and particularly The Lawrence Arms, the latter from their "Apathy & Exhaustion" years. The mixture of indie-flavored and Midwestern punk godhood sounds a little like the Americana punk of Sharks, but with a far more down-to-earth vibe and brighter melody in the guitars.

The riffs and hooks litter incredible melody left and right, recalling partly Bear Vs Shark, and partly the original 90s emo riffs of bands like Moneen. Of course in a slightly more punk rock version, though Iron Chic never alter their consistently mid-tempo delivery, which creates a nicely uniform and convincing sound full of warmth. Remember the brilliant Attack In Black record "Marriage"? That's the kind of melody I'm talking about. Drenched in passion, but not flashy or pushy at any point.

This is of course just a four song sample of what Iron Chic are capable of, but it serves as a good introduction to people. Afterwards, picking up "Not Like This" will be like returning home after a long trip, full of nostalgia and blurry memories of the place you know like nobody else does. And that, my friends, is what listening to Iron Chic in general feels like. Check this band out before they blow up (in punk proportions).


Download: Langoliers, Those Heads Are Our Heads
For the fans of: Latterman, Dillinger Four, Frank And Earnest
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 26.04.2011
All In Vinyl / Yo Yo Records

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