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Written by: PP on 05/06/2011 03:27:45

It sure is starting to feel like every two months I'm reviewing another new Mixtapes release. Whereas normal bands put out at most one EP and a full length in a given year, "Hope Is For People" EP is the fifth Mixtapes release in the space of just a year and a half. The band should seriously look into releasing all of their EPs and splits together on a single full length so fans of the band can keep up, and trust me on this one, you want to keep up with one of the fastest growing pop punk bands in the US.

As you might expect with a release schedule as busy as theirs, "Hope Is For People" is more or less identical with their previous material. Awkward female vocals (think Lemuria) duel with stronger, pop-hardcore vocals in the vein of The Wonder Years song in song out. Sometimes the girl takes the lead, she is at her very best during the quiet acoustic guitar tracks, sometimes the dude powers through fast punk rockers, and occasionally the two mix together by layering the fragile female vocals on the background to provide some sort of emotional response to the straight-forward sing-a-longs by the male vocalist. All styles work equally well, and as a result, to date Mixtapes have not written a single bad song.

But what the quick cycle of releases also means, and I have said this before, is that the band seems to be suffering from a hit-or-miss syndrome. They probably release everything they record, and while all songs are enjoyable, sometimes the result is less exhilarating than we're used to hearing from this band, such as the majority of this EP. The songs are good and mood uplifting, perfect for the sunny summer days we're currently experiencing here in Copenhagen, but unlike the four releases from last year, one hit song, the one that'd elevate this release, and subsequently the band, to the next level is missing. Still good though, one of the most consistent bands out there.


Download: Taking A Year Off
For the fans of: The Wonder Years, Lemuria, Direct Hit!
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Release date 03.05.2011
Animal Style Records

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