My Shameful

The Return To Nothing

Written by: PP on 06/10/2006 15:10:42

If there was a perfect sound to resonate the opposite of 'romantic', then My Shameful's "The Return To Nothing" would be it. The finnish doom-metallers create a soundscape of hopelessness, despair and disgust through the use of painfully slow riffs, which are often left open-ended and severly down-tuned. The eight tracks on the album all use the traditional doom metal progression, where the modest silent passages turn into stormy ones so slowly that once you reach the crescendo you've got no idea how the transition occurred ever so smoothly.

However, what distinguishes My Shameful from the likes of My Dying Bride or Ahab is the lack of texture. The soundscapes more often than not sound fascinating with the darkest ends of the instrumental spectrum explored to their fullest, but yet they fail to create as vivid scenery as Ahab or even Midnattsol. This is partly due to the band's vocalist Sami Rautio, whose vocals are rougher and tend to be growled out at us with no thought given into how he could better use his voice as an instrument, much like Mikael Åkerfelt of Opeth does. This, however, is only a minor flaw, and does not significantly affect the composition as a whole.

Overall, "The Return To Nothing" represents simple doom metal with no unnecessary technical gimmicks or complex themes thrown at us. This is what makes the album perhaps more enjoyable than many others in its genre.


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For the fans of: My Dying Bride, Ahab, Midnattsol
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Release date 27.09.2006
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