The Mind's Exotica (EP)

Written by: EW on 23/06/2011 22:10:19

Having patiently waited in my review queue for too long now is this delightful little EP that I here bring you - "The Mind's Exotica" - by the UK-based act Orpheus. I would usually state a genre approximation before the artist there but I don't feel well placed to in this instance as Orpheus work from a palette of progressive and atmospheric rock, incorporating little in the way of metal, recalling to these ears elements of Green Carnation, Opeth and no doubt a great deal else that is beyond this scribe's usual realms of listening.

Belying the band's relative inexperience and underground status, the performance and production to be found is wonderfully high, with the strings of cello in "Nansen" and piano in "Impunity" sitting comfortably with the emotional vocals and usual rock instrumentation, albeit that of a talented bunch comfortable mixing progressive time signatures with a jazz-like relaxed feel at times. Two of the five tracks ("Prologue" and "Epilogue") serve as transition and closure to the other pieces with well-constructed vocal harmonies and classical piano respectively, but it is in "Nansen", "Mutiny" and "Impunity" that the sound of a band high on confidence is already laying down their own sound to the strains of my warm critical applause than the more commonly hailed metal salute than one is likely used to.


Download: Nansen, Impunity
For The Fans Of: Green Carnation, prog rock/metal
Listen: Myspace

Release date: 01.02.2011

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