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Heaven Sent...Hellbound

Written by: PP on 05/07/2011 18:17:42

New York thrashers Indestructible Noise Command have been around for a long time. Their debut album "Razorback" was released back in 1987, featuring straight-up trash metal according to the late 80s standards, followed by "The Visitor" in 1988, after which the band called it quits. They never made a huge mark in the recording industry, so why they decided to reunite in 2010 to release their third album "Heaven Sent...Hellhound" in 2011 is beyond me. Anyway, it's here, so let's get on with it.

I'll confess to never having heard the originals, but my research shows nonetheless that the band were quite a bit more goofy and straight-up thrash metal back then than in their 2011 reincarnation. The crossover vibes and speedy trash metal onslaughts in the vein of Onslaught and Nuclear Assault have been swapped with a denser and more groovy thrash metal sound, which sure enough references the late 80s in many places, but has also thrown in significant influence from 90s groove masters Pantera, and perhaps also the more modern version of Pantera, namely Down. The riffs have lots of muscle and aggression as a result, as do the Phil Anselmo-inspired vocals as well, but unfortunately the expression is lost in songs that blend in together like there's no tomorrow. Aside from a few cuts like "God Loves Violence", "Swallowed" and perhaps "Fist Of Fascista", Indestructible Noise Command in 2011 isn't doing anything worth your attention that other bands aren't doing much better. *Cough*Down*cough*.

In short, "Heaven Sent...Hellbound" is a generic album. It's a record that won't live up to the expectations of INC fans from the 80s (if there are any left) because of the shift to the denser groove metal from 80s thrash metal, and newer fans of Down (or Pantera) will find their expression too dumbed down, too copycat, too unoriginal for their tastes. Spot on average, in other words.


Download: God Loves Violence, Swallowed, Fist Of Fascista
For the fans of: Onslaught, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Pantera
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Release date 10.06.2011
Rising Records

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