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Written by: PP on 08/07/2011 06:06:17

I have to admit I had written off Simple Plan after their mediocre self-titled album three years ago, and I suspect most of you readers did so too, if you ever mustered enough confidence in your sexual orientation to admit to liking the band in the first place. They were never the critics' darlings, but "Simple Plan" was a record where they transformed from fun-filled, high-energy pop punk into a boring mainstream balladic rock with overpolished and forgettable songs that contained no believable emotion in them. In other words, Simple Plan sold out, for the lack of a better expression.

That's why you're in for a surprise when you pop in their fourth album "Get Your Heart On!" for the first time. All signs of boredom and anonymity have all but vanished, as if the band realized they were never going to be the next Green Day writing an album's worth of songs like "Waking Up Where September Ends". The needless inflation and ambition has been toned down and they are back to writing extremely simple but effective pop punk songs which are both up beat and infectiously catchy. From opening track "You Suck At Love" through "Loser Of The Year", Simple Plan are playing with renewed energy and irresistible enthusiasm of the sort that gets you off your feet. Yes, there are a couple of songs that I'd normally classify as 'gay ballads' on a pop punk album, but first of all these are completely blown out the water by the bouncy pop punkers they fire off the majority of the time, and second of all they are still catchy and believable enough to sound enjoyable.

Perhaps the best way to put "Get Your Heart On!" is to directly compare it to the new All Time Low album that was released only a couple of weeks before. Where All Time Low sound like they have little interest in playing their songs, resulting into soulless and emotionless feeling, Simple Plan sound like they are bursting to share their energy and lively pop punkers with you. Even the ballads sound like the band are having fun while performing them. So here you have two bands who essentially sound identical to one another, but the other one is writing far better and more interesting songs. I have to admit that I didn't think Simple Plan had another good album left in them, but it turns out I was wrong.

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Release date 21.06.2011
Lava / Atlantic

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