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This Is Where It Ends

Written by: EK on 08/07/2011 23:38:53

All Shall Perish are a death metal band that need no introduction, signed to Nuclear Blast, with three successful albums under their belt, numerous headline tours of the world and debuts closing in on the top 100 of the BillBoard 200, everyone has heard of All Shall Perish. "This Is Where It Ends" is that bands fourth instalment, and true to form it's an impressive offering.

The album encompasses effortless technicality, elaborate guitar work and exacerbated vocals and expels their venom at great velocity. The opening track “Divine Illusion” opens with exhilaration and showcases some of the tantalising speed and ability at the hands of drummer Adam Pierce, but it's the following track “There Is Nothing Left” that emerges the more engaging, the seamless ingenuity of the guitar riffs only bested by the lyrical vigour and vocal hooks that make the song truly astounding.

However, unpleasantly, aside from a few notable moments, the masterful instrumental outro on “Procession Of Ashes”, the face-melting guitar solo in “A Pure Evil” and the ear devastating “Spineless” the brilliance of the album begins to wayne after the second track, the album begins to shift from an archetypal modern death metal album to an atypical one.

The guitar work that had been so predominant initially, becomes pedestrian and undistinguished, the lyrics, that have previously been the cornerstone of All Shall Perish's power, become contrived, and cliched. The musical prowess is still audible, but you've almost got to strain your ears to hear it. The band were quoted saying that the writing process was “very slow” and as the album progresses it becomes apparent why.

The album was recorded and produced by Zach Ohren who does an excellent job at capturing the bands raw energy despite the records decline. Although the musicianship on the album might dwindle, the production definitely picks up the slack, maintaining it's solidity throughout. All Shall Perish ever known for their modesty, have hailed their new album the omniscient future of extreme metal, but personally, I think the rest of the 'extreme metal' community might have something to say about that.

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For the fans of: Opeth, Suicide Silence and Carnifex
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Release date 29.07.2011
Nuclear Blast Records

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