What The Night Brings

Bound By Apathy EP

Written by: EK on 08/07/2011 23:47:44

The UK unsigned metal throne has always been a hotly contested position, for years bands have come and gone, ascended to higher recognition or fallen into abolition. Since their formation in 2008, What The Night Brings have been clawing their way to the top. The release of their second EP, "Bound By Apathy", is a monument to that struggle, plagued with numerous member changes, touring and holding down full time jobs, the symbolism of the EP speaks for itself.

Stylistically the band are reminiscent of a Johnny Truant, August Burns Red hybrid, the songs effortlessly bounding from slugging riffs, to brilliant technical guitar work, making it obvious the band are influenced by a wide range of music, unlike so many of their generic contemporaries. The execution of their own brand of metal, is almost immaculate from it's inception.

The songs on the EP are extremely well written, extracting the most punishing and brutal aspects of modern metal and voluminous, atmospheric disposition to realise their individual temperament. At times, fast paced and ferocious and at others, evocative and elegant, the EP exhibits true divergence. The musicianship on the record is proficient and professional, the guitar work is tight and blisteringly salient, accompanied by redolent, diverse, bestial snarls and the drum work is nothing short of astounding throughout.

"Bound By Apathy" is an impressive offering, made more consequential by the fact the band are unsigned. What The Night Brings reign as the UK's best unsigned metal act is coming, catalysed what can only be described as the best unsigned release of 2011.


Download: Deus Ex Machina
For the fans of: Johnny Truant, August Burns Red
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Release Date 21.08.2011
Independent Release

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