The Hate Effect

Written by: PP on 09/07/2011 20:18:37

It's not easy trying to determine which genre Newcastle, UK-based Bloodwrath want to specialize in because the band seems to be split into two camps. On one hand they have a couple of talented guitarists playing melodic and technical riffs that seem to be more at home in Gothenburg-style melodeath, and then they have a blast-beat loving drummer and an sub-standard, generic growler who seems to be more geared towards traditional death metal than anything else.

It is this ambiguity of style that prevents their new album "The Hate Effect" becoming a noteworthy album. While the guitarists are clearly able to compose and execute tight and melodic leads to define the songs, the drumming feels anonymous and the vocals make sure you won't distinguish one song from another. They are your typical cookie-cutter growls with no personality or character whatsoever, and even promising instrumentals in tracks like "Server In Silence" and "Against The Tide" are quickly forgotten over the monotonous growling that often drowns everything else underneath it. So here's an idea: fire the vocalist, and Bloodwrath will be much better off.


Download: Against The Tide, Served In Silence, Hyperchrist
For the fans of: generic death metal with a melodeath lean
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Release date 20.06.2011
Rising Records

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