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It's funny. I've only just gotten over how awesome the Rival Sons debut album is, and here we go with another convincing and authentic rock'n'roll release, this time from local boys Wrong Side Of Vegas from Odense. Genres and styles tend to arrive in bunches, I guess. They are no strangers on Rockfreaks.net given three previous reviews of their EPs, all just preparation for their debut full length "WSOV", which was released a couple of months ago.

So if you've heard the brilliant Rival Sons album already, opening track "Love Or Die" will take your thoughts immediately to that record given how closely it replicates the 70s rock'n'roll style complete with sleazy riffs, lots of groove and a slightly psychedelic atmosphere. It's like straight from the Zeppelin years, and when the band slows the tempo down on "Heart So Heavy" and lean heavily on harmonica melodies in the midst of some very bluesy and chilled out guitars, you can't help but time travel into the Southern classic rock world of the days gone by overseas. Though " Born Rebels" kicks things up a notch again with, err, rebellious rock'n'roll riffs and lots of swagger, things are slowed down again afterwards and it becomes clear that Highway Child has been a huge inspiration for these guys. As has Wolfmother (perhaps even The Parlor Mob), at least if you are to judge by "Love Kills" which carries a riff almost identical to one from the self-titled record of the former. Curiously enough, this isn't the first time I've accused them of copying a riff, whether intentional or not.

That's only a small detail, however, and overall the expression on "WSOV" is very good and believable all-around. Sometimes when you get bands who opt for the revivalist and/or retrospective approach to music it can sound dated, but Wrong Side Of Vegas avoid such pitfalls on "WSOV", though without ever thoroughly impressing the listener. This is because already after a couple of listens to the album it becomes awfully clear that once the band enters their high-speed rock'n'roll assault more groove and less blues, they are at their very best. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often on the record, as the band chooses to focus on a more mood-driven, laid back approach instead. It works to a certain degree, but the divide between the two is clear. That said, "WSOV" is still proof of what I've been saying for a while now: Wrong Side Of Vegas are still one of the best puritanical rock bands currently active in Denmark.


Download: Love Or Die, Born Rebels, Rock'n'roll (Note: actual song title)
For the fans of: Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother, Highway Child, The Parlor Mob
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Release date 18.04.2011
Jet Black Records

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