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Written by: TL on 17/07/2011 22:43:35

Right people, it's reviewing time, and tonight's first subject is "Let It Show", the new EP from Cambridge quartet As We Climb. These young lads are in trouble from the word go however, as I've known pretty much from my first listen that their's is not the kind of record I'm normally too happy to write about, the reason for which I will explain in a little bit.

First though, a presentation seems in order, and as you meet AWC's sound, it should dawn on you immediately that their style is pretty much by-the-books pop-punk, written with bright, simplistic melodies, emotive vocals, poppy harmonies and focus on choruses. The sound is comparable to the likes of All Time Low, Kids In Glass Houses and recent Just Surrender material, and the EP is a fairly decent production, with each instrument sounding clear in the mix and featuring a dash of sampled violin on occasion.

Fair enough, so far so good, but this is all standard fare within the confines of this genre, and the pressing question is what does AWC have going for them that makes them stand out among their contemporaries. As I've made predictable with my introduction, the answer is "not a whole hell of a lot". It's hard to put a finger on anything the boys do that is decisively wrong, but meanwhile it is equally hard to commend them for taking the genre anywhere it hasn't been a million times before.

With bands where this is the case, salvation can sometimes come in the form of charismatic frontmen or finely penned songs, but also in these departments AWC appear to be par for the course, and little more. The vocals are well-sung, and there are occasionally cool exchanges between lead and backing voices - see highlight track "Razorblade Smile" - but they lack the kinds of personality that really allows for a band to take up residence in your memory. Much the same can be said for the songs, that are written to be easily accessible and enjoyable, yet take too few chances to hint at more than a day's worth of longevity.

All in all, "Let It Show" has every bit the making of a record that is more a product of hard work, ambition and good intentions, than the product of any extraordinary talent. As such, it makes for one of those review-subjects that it's hard to say more about than what is plain for all to hear on first listen. My recommendation is for you readers to go for it mostly if you eat pop-punk for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and simply can't get enough, and for the band to maybe throw away the rulebook on their next attempt, so that hopefully it'll come out a little less middle-of-the-road.

Download: Razorblade Smile, Winners Can't Be Choosers
For The Fans Of: All Time Low, Kids In Glass Houses, Just Surrender

Release Date 06.06.2011
It's Not Rocket Science Records

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