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Written by: EK on 19/07/2011 20:06:27

When Mat Bruso announced his departure from Bury Your Dead in January 2007 it was simply crushing, the last six years were coming to an end as I knew it. I was devastated. Mat Bruso's statement battered the hardcore community, one of its pillars had seemingly thrown in the towel to focus on his marriage and a regular life. The coming years saw the face of the band change, with a new frontman and frankly two disappointing albums. Fans were in mourning for the true Bury Your Dead.

Then, in January 2011, after four long years, it was announced, Mat Bruso would be returning to Bury Your Dead and they would be shortly releasing a new album. For the next eight months, the anticipation grew to the point of palpability, expectations grew and grew until "Mosh 'N' Roll" finally reached my ears.

"Mosh 'N' Roll" is more than just an album. It's justification for Bruso's leave of absence, it's the exemplary definition of a return to form and for Bury Your Dead, a return to the throne. The whole album is a progression for the band, it's as if Bruso's return catalysed an evolution, somehow took everything that made Bury Your Dead flawless and expanded it to even greater magnitude. The opening track "Slaughterhouse-Five" is a barbarous assault, exhibiting the potency that BYD still carry, but also the perfection of their unbridled execution.

Bruso's guttural roar bludgeons through the mix, powerful and threatening as ever, his lyrics, always the embodiment of impassion and simplicity. The songs on the album are prodigious and punctual, neat and exceptionally well written. "Deadeye Dick" and "Jailbird" are violently striking, rich in monstrous brutality and captivating hooks, however, it's the re-record of title track "Mosh 'N' Roll" that hits hardest, the sharp, intimidating power of Bury Your Dead at their most vicious, the gang vocals are monolithic in stature and the most meritorious, carnal expression the band have ever released.

The musicianship is exactly what you'd expect from Bury Your Dead, corpulent breakdowns with empowered chordal sequences and uplifting, atmospheric lead work. Not just a display of vulgar brutishness but also of passion and absolute vehemence. The production on the album is excellent, concise and solid, capturing the band's animosity perfectly and burns bright from the first track. "Mosh 'N' Roll" is an amazing record, more than that it's signification of something truly great, Bury Your Dead's return as the king's of hardcore.


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For the fans of: Throwdown, Terror, Walls Of Jericho.
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Release Date 02.08.2011
Mediaskare Records

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