Shai Hulud

A Profound Hatred Of Man

Written by: PP on 18/10/2006 17:56:57

Shai Hulud. This is a name many won't recognize outside of the most devoted circle of the hardcore / melodic hardcore scene. Yet they were one of the most influential underground acts around the late 90s and one of the pioneers of the technically complex and melodic hardcore scene that heavily influenced the metalcore bands among others. "A Profound Hatred Of Man" originally was released as a 3 song EP in 1997, but this reissue by Revelation is truly exemplary and other labels should follow this form. First of all let me make this clear, this is not simply a cash-in by the label. The record has been out of print for years and is a classic piece of hardcore history everyone should own, so this already justifies the reissue. But given the fact that the 3-song EP has been extended into a 13 (!) song full length album, you get more than enough value for your money.

Aside from the three EP tracks, B-sides, rarities and covers tracks have been added, and they all stay true to the Shai Hulud quality. With the re-mastering by Zeuss, the man behind Hatebreed's albums, the brutality and raw sound has been preserved but the overall quality improved. The shattering break downs are still there making you surprised to know that New Found Glory's Chad Gilber was a part of the band before creating the NFG classic "Nothing Gold Can Stay" - quite a change in sound I'd say. The original three songs are also obviously the best the band presents on the album, as these laid the groundwork for the legacy for years to come. However, the B-sides and rarities tracks all feature trademark devastating screaming and technically complex and melodic guitars hovering around the songs making them sound more accessible and to help you relate more to the fantastic, though misantrophic, lyrics.

More often than not cover songs sound exactly like the originals, leaving questions on why they were created in the first place. But not here. The NOFX cover of "Linoleum" and the Bad Religion cover of "Anesthesia" are completely different from the originals. The pace has been quadrupled in both, and additional solos and guitar gimmicks can be found all over. This is of course all topped by the madman like screams and growls of frontman Matt - just listen to the opening "YEAAAAAAAAAAHH" scream of "Anesthesia". These old classic punk rock songs wake up from the dead almost as radically as when Neo wakes up to the real world in the Matrix. These two songs along together with the timeless Bad Brains cover "Fearless Vampire Killers" already make this EP one of the must-buy releases of last August.

On top of the fantastic extra material this "EP" offers, it is also a refresher into the greatness of this band, and according to many, the best place to start with their back catalogue consisting of, oddly enough, mostly EPs. Have fun discovering your new crush.

Download: Anesthesia, Linoleum, If Born From This Soil
For the fans of: The Hope Conspiracy, Darkest Hour, Bane, American Nightmare
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Release date 28.08.2006
Revelation Records
Provided by Target ApS

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