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Persistance In This Game

Written by: TL on 11/08/2011 23:48:04

Okay guys, so I haven't written anything of substance for over a week and you wouldn't know how much of a bitch it is to get started again when you get out of rhythm, and hence, I'm just going to cut the foreplay in this one and get started with only the following for an introduction: Straight Lines are a four-piece from Wales whose debut album "Persistence In This Game", came out... Wait, what, in February last year? I kid you not, I only noticed just now, but hey, rather than waste the time I've been listening to it, let's just give it a review to get me started anyway.

Basically, this is a band for you if you can imagine liking the sound of You Me At Six songs being played by Billy Talent. From Billy Talent the band borrows the high, sharp vocals, while remaining similar to YMAS due to their light, poppy melodies and a pervasive British accent. The songs are mostly up-beat and tightly structured, and while a slower highlight like "All My Friends Have Joined The Army" shows that the band is capable at this speed as well, other standouts like opener "Versus The Allegiance" and single "Say It For Your Sake" are clearly more typical for the album.

The album works quite well for the most part, as singer Thomas Jenkins keeps you interested with his distinct voice, clear articulation and knack for catchy hooks. Its one main drawback is that it does manage to start feeling a bit samey towards the end, as the light-and-fast approach get milked probably a bit too much. Many of the bridge sections in the songs hint that the band might be interested in maybe rocking a bit harder, but the desire is never allowed to expand much, as the band plays it a bit safe in terms of songwriting.

That being said, "Persistance In This Game" is still a quite good listen, with more than a few recognizable numbers to offer. It likely won't evoke the deepest of emotions, nor stay with you for a long while, but it serves as a tasty introduction to a band that, as I've now learned, is currently already working on a follow-up.

Download: Versus The Allegiance, Say It For Your Sake, All My Friends Have Joined The Army
For The Fans Of: You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, Billy Talent, Twin Atlantic

Release Date 15.02.2010
Xtra Mile Recordings

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