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The Organ Hearts

Written by: DR on 15/08/2011 17:00:55

Possibly as a result of the influence "Kid A" had on music, the electronic genre grew massively in the decade just passed. Or maybe that's just plain incorrect. I'm not sure. Either way, I'm far from an expert on electronica, but I'm getting a strong "Kid A" vibe from Arms And Sleepers latest album, "The Organ Hearts". The thing is though, it's a tribute to ability this duo possess that they don't even sound like cheap imitators.

The duo that are Arms And Sleepers are Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic. So far they have released four full-length albums and nine EPs since their inception in 2006 (or so Wikipedia says). Such a prolific output helps "The Organ Hearts" sound as confident and assured as it does. These guys clearly know what they are doing. Aside from having near-flawless production - which is obviously necessary when it comes to music such as this, when the instruments are under close scrutiny - the layers of looped electronics, effects, bass, syths, drum-machine beats and occasional guitar sounds (etc.) blend so seamlessly together, and are so meticulously constructed, in the manner that only experienced musicians in this style would be able to execute. The opening trio of songs, "Kepesh", "Tusk" and "I Sing The Body Electric", carry vague trip-hop vibes, which helps them sound as beautifully chilled-out as they are. Along with the use of relaxed vocals, adding to soundscape of the songs by carrying almost no emotional weight, the listener is lulled into relaxation by the instrumentation and the rise/flow/quiet structure.

Thereafter, however, I'm having a hard time coming up with any stand-out moments of this album. That's not because they're especially underwhelming or forgettable, but because the tracks blend together so much. Only the diligent listener who is paying close attention will learn the names of the songs on this album and be able to distinguish from one to the next. That's not a slight on "The Organ Hearts", as good music you lay down, relax, and sink yourself in to doesn't come along too often, and as much as it is an acquired taste, the manner in which it has been carefully constructed is something that can be universally appreciated.


Download: Kepesh, Tusk, I Sing The Body Electric
For The Fans of: Radiohead, Sankt Otten, Portishead
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Release Date 13.05.2011
Expect Candy

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