Funeral For The Sane

Written by: EW on 15/08/2011 20:14:43

With a suitably dark and eerie cover is the music of Necrovorous' "Funeral For The Sane" immediately identified as some kind of ominous brooding extreme metal concoction, which the 39 minutes within do nothing to dispel. At times a slow dirge through the cesspits of the world Autopsy, Coffins and Incantation prohibit and at others a blast along with the fellow crust-hordes Tribulation, Dead Congregation and Sonne Adam, this is a release for what could convincingly be described as the 'old-schoolers' of the death metal brigade. Never pretty but eminently listenable, "Succubus Dormitory" follows the typical synth intro with nothing special but "The Vilest Of All Dreams" which soon follows has a great groove to it, rich in decrepit guitar tone and the stench of natural drumsound.

"Deathknells", "Spawn Of Self Abhorrence" and the title track all home the kind of riffs any death-head worth his salt will find immediate appreciation of but in the Entombed-esque roll of "Malignant Entrapment" do these Greeks best ply their trade. Growled vocals all the way and a collection of riffs that sit in the 'heavy head nodding' scale of total neck annihilation, it reminds of why I loved Tribulation's album so much: prohibitively old-school in nature but with enough nous to not record in a cake of mud and distortion with room for the instruments to breathe. Ahhh.

Nothing groundbreaking of course going on here, but "Funeral For The Sane" comes with my recommendation for the fans of any of the bands above. That is a total no-brainer.


Download: The Vilest Of All Dreams, Malignant Entrapment, Spawn Of Self Abhorrence
For The Fans Of: Dead Congregation, Tribulation, Autopsy
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Release date: 06.06.2011
Pulverised Records

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