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The Life They Lead EP

Written by: TL on 17/08/2011 20:26:11

Right guys, time to put the 'pen' back to the 'paper', and to start my night off, we have Fei Comodo: An English quintet who got going with a mini-album and some touring back in 08, and who have recently released an EP titled "The Life They Lead", to signal that they are indeed still alive, should anyone have forgotten. On it the boys deliver four more songs of highly melodic metalcore, which is similar to their earlier material, in that it features lots of classic, almost 80s-ish melodies, and yet different, in that the band seems to have realised that screams and pseudo-heavy breaks are not obligatory elements in a song, effectively scaling down the use of such.

The result sounds a good deal like the now defunct Kenai, as well as other British genre-mates like The Morning After, Exit Ten and Yashin (at least on their early stuff). The good news is that the boys put things together in a way that seems to have ambitions beyond just sounding like everyone else, resting on good dynamics and quite intricate song structures. Furthermore, vocalist Marc Halls handles his duties with energy and charisma, despite scaling down his screams in favour of his slightly limited clean range.

The bad news is that while I like that the band's songs aren't too obvious, they could maybe do with being just a little obvious, because the songwriting is currently what's holding these lads back if you ask me. Despite an interesting sound that's hard to compare directly to too many other bands, none of the four songs on "The Life They Lead EP" really tug at either memory or heart-strings, and essentially, captivating moments are in too short supply here.

This means that while the EP is a cool introduction to a band that seems to have some promise, it's also a sign of them having some work to do before becoming the target of serious praise. It'll likely cheer you up if you've been somewhat dismayed by the samey-ness of metalcore bands of late, but nevertheless, it'll also likely be gone from your memory quite soon after you've heard it a few times.

Download: A Man Left Behind, Rival Tides
For The Fans Of: Kenai, (early) Yashin, The Morning After, Exit Ten
Listen: soundcloud.com/fei-comodo

Release Date Spring 2011

The Life They Lead by Fei Comodo

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