Loss Of Innocence EP

Written by: PP on 20/09/2011 04:33:42

If you know where to look, finding hardcore bands that aren't all about senseless beatdowns and camo-shorts is easy. Blood & Ink Records is one of the prominent labels advocating a style of hardcore that doesn't necessarily include melody within it as such, but often offers the technical complexion and instrumental devastation of chaos-hardcore with plenty of interest-points to attract those of us who look for other qualities in music than sections where we can swing our arms around like retarded people. Jawbone's new five-track EP "Loss Of Innocence" is a short, but sweet example of Converge-inspired relentless turmoil that leaves its listener in awe over how the band are able to keep it together this well.

The band are blessed by an excellent vocalist, whose semi-clean yell is scratchy, yet allows for understandable lyrics despite the punishing force he screams with. It's possible that Bane and/or Comeback Kid have been an inspiration here, which is already a tell-tale sign that we're in for something good, and indeed, opener "Histemi" is a brutally in-your-face track that doesn't need to break its flow with breakdowns in order to hammer its pissed off sound home successfully. Instrumentally the band surprises as well: from the wall of chaos hardcore in the aforementioned track to the more structurally sound "Light Of Day", the band demonstrate they know how to mix together breakneck speed punk riffs, technically advanced passages, and straight-up hardcore freely and effortlessly. The high degree of variation also means you're not banging your head against the wall by track five; the band takes care of that for you whether you like it or not. That's the sort of intensity and crushing force Jawbone executes their brand of modern hardcore with, and impress this scribe thoroughly all-around on "Loss Of Innocence". Keep an eye out for these guys in the future, and be sure to buy this: $4 (Bandcamp) is an amazing price for a record this good.

Download: Histemi, Loss Of Innocence
For the fans of: Converge, Bane, Turmoil, Advent
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Release date 31.05.2011
Blood & Ink Records

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