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Judging by the sound of Lowdown, you wouldn't easily believe their hometown to be a one somewhere in Norway, the promised country of black and death metal. Far from it in fact, as the closest affinity to the sound of "Antidote" can be found in Virginia in the form of the American heavy weights Lamb Of God. "Antidote" is indeed close to a carbon copy of "Ashes Of The Wake" aside from the technical aspect. Whereas Lamb Of God scrounges their heavy sound from the sheer speed and technicality of the guitars, Lowodown focus on vigorously down tuned riff sequences that are often repeated to sound almost hypnotic in the best Meshuggah way. While there are solos present on every song, they aren't as technical and mindblowing as Lamb Of God's, but that doesn't matter. By using simplicity and spellbinding riffage, the feel of "Antidote" is that of rigidness, fluency and completeness. The songs simply interconnect with each other soundwise without sacrificing their identity. Last I heard something put as in unison as on "Antidote" was on Norma Jean's acclaimed "Redeemer", which has become my favorite album of 2006 by far.

The solidity feel is fortified further by songs like the opening track "Inside Revelations". It is mezmering and bone-crushingly heavy, and the raging vocal work adds intensity to the arrangement, as it too is used in consonance with the soundscape. By the end of fourth track you are forced to feel out of breath as the vicious songs take a punch at you one after another. Fortunately for the listener the band has included a two-minute instrumental piece "And Reborn" based on acoustic guitarplay - an intermission if you like - to allow you to digest the first part of the album, before the fierce riffs attack you again on "Be The Clown", a track that can best be described as Disturbed on stereoids.

The beauty of "Antidote" is that its influences are so clearly audible on all tracks. On one hand, the americanized post-thrash riffage plays a big part, but at the same time the double-bass domination from Scandinavian death metal bands is also present, and the repetetive shriek choruses that are found on nu-metal bands like Mudvayne can be heard in various passages. Yet the overall sound of "Antidote" is solid, and the last song "Imperfection (The Bleeding Source)" sounds equally destructive as the opening track sending a clear message out that Lowdown knows what they are doing. The band at no point loosens its squeeze on your windpipe, oppressing you on all tracks without mercy for your ears, and does it in style. Fantastic debut.


Download: The World Has Ended, Inside Revelations
For the fans of: Lamb Of God, Mudvayne, Meshuggah
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Release date 17.10.2006
Black Balloon
Provided by Target ApS

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