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Songs Of The Doomed EP

Written by: PP on 16/10/2011 06:01:53

Here's a perfect example of globalisation. Protected Left from Grand Rapids, MI sound almost exactly like Wiseheimer from Australia, who aren't widely known outside of their own country either. Now, I'm not entertaining any wild fantasies over Protected Left being influenced by Wiseheimer. But those guys, however, sound exactly like how you'd expect a band who have been listening to Ignite, Propagandhi and early Pennywise to sound like, so I'm guessing Protected Left have been listening to the same records and arrived at the same conclusion: skate punk mixed with technical and political punk is awesome. The irony of punk bands being affected by globalisation like this is not lost on me.

Anyway, Eight minutes of music is what Protected Left offer on their three-track debut EP "Songs of The Doomed". That's also all it takes for me to be convinced about their next couple of EPs and the eventual full length being on par with Wiseheimer , because songs like "Nightmare" and "Elk Antler" successfully reduce the technicality of the Propagandhi expression to a nice and catchy skate punk format. It's tight, intense, and incredibly fast, but still focused on delivering catchy songs that might not blow the listener away, but at least convince him that Protected Left will be a band worth following in the future. They are a tiny tiny tiny band, who are probably at the stage of their career where they haven't even played outside their hometown yet, nor mustered much attention within it either, so "Songs Of The Doomed" is too early to tell whether they'll have success. However, its three songs are enough to leave the listener curious as to what they'll come up with next, yet eight minutes is just not enough to judge properly whether a band has it in them to expand in a crowded field.

Download: Elk Antlers
For the fans of: Wiseheimer, Ignite, Propagandhi, early Pennywise
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Release date 20.04.2011

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