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Ever felt like listening to a band that retired years ago, and should have never come back? Neither have I, but nevertheless, I've been forced to sit through several listens of Helmets' 'return to form' "Monochrome", in order to deliver you this review. Forget what you know about Helmet. Forget about 'the inspiration of post hardcore and nu-metal'. Forget about 'the fusion of metal, indie and jazz (!?!?)'. This is an album that gives an impression of what the 'trash'-genre would have sounded like, if it should have done it any justice to its name.

Since it doesn't do so however, I'm most inclined to label Helmet of 2006 as some kind of worn out post grunge. The trademark staccato guitarriffs usually utilized by the band are still present, but in a seemingly weakened way, and this impression goes for the rest of the album as well. If you wanna know what the least charming vocal style I've ever heard sounds like, just try out the first three tracks on this record. Terrible! The impression does brighten on the title track, but only moves from 'terrible' to 'plain uninteresting'. A few tracks down the line I lose faith in this album. The shifts between 'terrible' and 'boring' seem to be the most characteristic feature of this CD, and frankly, I don't have the stomach for it.

This is the album that makes me regret having graded Powerman 5000 only 3 some time ago, because even though that was a pretty bad record, this one is lightyears worse. Still maybe for diehard fans - but then again no. With a name like Helmet you should be embarrased to release this; it's HORRIBLE! RETIRE!


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Release date 02.10.2006
Steamhammer / SPV
Provided by Target ApS

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