Bright Lights

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It is hardly surprising that the recent explosion in hardcore bands of all shapes, sizes and forms coincided with the global economic meltdown. Tough times warrant explosive, aggressive music with a critical eye, and in "Bright Lights", British hardcore mob TRC has unwittingly produced the soundtrack to working class life today. Rarely has hardcore sounded as vitriolic as the face smashing opener "H.A.T.E.R.S.", which sounds more like a valve that stops the band completely losing their plot and embarking on a killing spree than a song written for aesthetic purposes.

Snapping and snarling like a pitbull, this song sets the tone for the rest of the album which, on the evidence of "Go Hard or Go Home" should be muzzled and put on a short leash lest it maul an innocent bystander. TRC achieve this exceptional level of belligerence through a two-pronged vocal assault courtesy of singers Chris Robson and Anthony Carol, which is bound to polarize their target audience. It is best described as one third throat-splitting screams, one third strained angry shouts, and one third British hip-hop - and before you fixate on that curious last reference and instantly conclude that anything with even a trace of rapping is defacto awful, listen to "Temptation" or the poignant "London's Greatest Love Story" and see if you still think so.

TRC have obviously poured their heart and soul into writing this album, so that even though the instrumental aspects of the album are hardly a thrill ride, with crushing metallic riffs and largely standard fare melodies dictating the name of the game, almost every song is a powerful, fist-pumping, emotionally charged hardcore anthem designed as a cathartic means to vent your frustration. And should you feel like you do not have any such frustrations, the sheer weight of "Bright Lights" will convince you otherwise.

That is not to say that "Bright Lights" is an album for everyone, however, or that the album is without its flaws. By the time "Wait 'til it's Finished" concludes the battering, there is no denying that the approach has been somewhat one-dimensional save for a few brilliant exceptions, both in terms of lyrics, which persistently deal with being the underdog and rising above the ill feeling thrown at you as such, and the music. However, as testament in the title and message of "Go Hard or Go Home", it is commendable that TRC stick to what they know and what their fans can relate to and, instead of revolutionizing the hardcore genre, compensate for their slight creative deficiency with volume and fury.

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Release date 01.08.2011
Siege of Amida

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