General Surgery

Necrology EP (Reissue)

Written by: PP on 04/11/2011 05:37:54

General Surgery are a goregrind band established in the early 90s as a Carcass clone, active between 1989-1991 and 1999-present. In that space they've only released two full length albums alongside a ton of splits and demos like most grind bands tend to do. "Necrology" was originally released back in 1991, and featured a lo-fi, messy production but it was nonetheless judged to be an important enough record in the genre to warrant a remastering and a reissue by Relapse twenty years after its original release.

So take a deep breath, because you're in for a hell of an ugly ride for the twenty minutes that the EP plus its three bonus tracks last. Guttural growls and some inhuman gargles are the name of the game, alongside groovy grind riffs and early Carcass worship, which, to be honest, sounds just as awful as it did back in 1991. The remastering hasn't helped the DIY garage production which hasn't been even within a mile's radius of a real studio, so we're left with a horrid sounding record that begs the question to be asked: was it really necessary to resurrect an old beast that hasn't stood the test of time at all?

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Release date 21.06.2011

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