Invisible White EP

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Los Angeles based Ancestors used to own a metallic and heavy sound that had its home in progressive doom and/or stoner rock on their past records. That's what my research tells me at least. Their new EP "Invisible White" is a three track, thirty minute demonstration of the band's capabilities in something entirely different: psychedelic early 70s influenced rock.

The band claim that they went into the studio and "let the songs chart their own course", which goes a long way explaining why the record sounds like it does. There are plenty of moog / modular synthesizers, a couple of violin and vibraphone guest sections, and an overall soothing atmosphere that can best be described as cinematically calm. Or relaxing. It's essentially a retrospective look at psychedelic rock, emitting an almost nostalgic feel at times, especially whenever their vocalist enters the picture with purposefully slow and droning clean vocals that recall early 70s. There's a certain exploratory vibe to the song, albeit a minimalist cone, where you get the idea that Ancestors have concentrated on capturing whole feelings in songs, which is why they feel so progressive and psychedelic. The title track and "Dust", for instance, are more like elegant ballads with classical piano backing and calm acoustic guitars rather than the progressive doom / stoner from their previous records.

It's not until the fourteen minute culmination of "Epilogue" where guitars finally start playing a role. Thus far, the songs have consisted mostly of the modular synthesizers and the quiet vocals, with guitars reduced to a backing role, but here they start to take volume and distortion. I have to say that the band are at their most interesting, however, when they take the balladic approach to the style. Pink Floyd certainly comes to mind during many moments.

While it's unlikely "Invisible White" will hit the tastes spot on with many of you readers of this magazine, within the field of progressive rock / synthesized psychedelia, Ancestors show class and elegance all the way through.


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For the fans of: Pink Floyd
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Release date 12.09.2011
Tee Pee Records / Rough Trade

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