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Apparently it's an 'A' day today at, and the next release in line comes from Newcastle, UK five piece Arcite. Their promotional blurb claims the band "came together to produce music different and compelling from what a lot of people would dare given today's trends and fads". Mission failed. "We Lie Awake", their latest EP, is a textbook metalcore release borrowing just enough from all the big bands in the genre to be almost completely devoid of its own identity. Good thing these lads know how to write killer riffs, then, because it's okay to sound like your influences as long as you replicate their sound well.

Particularly "Foreshadow" strikes out from the EP as a great metalcore cut, with simply brilliant tapped lead guitars and high-flying scale melodies, not to mention a screamed chorus that's about as catchy as any recent All That Remains production. In fact, the whole song sounds like an outtake from their song book, which need not be a bad thing and isn't either in this context. Opener "Asylum" has similar quality with melodic leads, and the title track doesn't fall short either. As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage might both also be mentioned in connection with their sound.

So as you might imagine, we're dealing with a soundscape from the more 'old school' (relative term, I know) book of metalcore. Almost all lyrics are shrieked and screamed, with scratchy clean vocals used sparingly for momentum on a couple of places. The higher pitch screams sound a great deal like Labonte from ATR, Arcite's biggest strength alongside the sublime instrumental base, but unfortunately the more prevalent semi-growls / shouts / barks are what drag the album's score down a notch. These aren't nearly as catchy or well executed as the high-end shrieks, and one is left hoping Arcite would abandon these completely for a better debut album in the near future. But in the end, "We Lie Awake" is a decent piece of metalcore that offers no surprises, but isn't awfully generic or boring either. Keep an eye out for these guys in the future.


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For the fans of: All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage
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Release date 29.08.2011

In Taylor's Eyes by Arcite

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