Furor Gallico

Furor Gallico

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Furor Gallico are a folk metal band from Milan, Italy in the very sense of the word. Their take on the genre is namely a fifty-fifty split between the two styles. While heavy metal (and occasionally power metal) distortion are the name of the game, they are delivered in folksy rhythms that are bouncy more often than they are majestic. At the same time, the band integrate the flute-like tin whistle as well as violin heavily in the mix, not as background support like most bands in the genre, but as some of the leading instruments so there are plenty of sections which are driven almost solely by high-pitch melodies.

That results into some convincing folk metal songs that are also catchy. Maybe not the extent of, say, Alestorm or Jaldaboath, but enough for especially the tin whistle melodies to stick to mind after a couple of listens. Additional instrumentation comes in the form of the celtic harp, which brings in soothing sounds, as well as the bouzouki.

Just like with their instruments, Furor Gallico are extremely varied vocally. They bring in both guttural death metal growls, tormented shrieks, rough clean vocals, gothic-sounding cleans, and even female vocals when they see fit. It's the variation that makes Furor Gallico's songs stand out from a genre with a ton of bands on offer.

But although the metal parts of Furor Gallico's repertoire are decent, it's clear that the more folk they sound, that is, the more flute/tin-whistle and violin they integrate to the soundscape, the better their songs are as a result. "Cathubodva", "The Gods Have Returned", and the late track "La Cacca Morta" in particular are good examples. The album might not be amazing, given a couple of weaker tracks in the middle, but it's a solid piece of folk metal overall nonetheless.


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Release date 29.07.2011
Massacre Records

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