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Gottes Synthesizer

Written by: DR on 23/11/2011 18:29:21

I'm far from a fan of electronic music, but if any act has come close to threatening to winning me over it is the seasoned German duo Sankt Otten. Although they have been around for over a decade, my familiarity with them only began with 2009's "Morning Wieder Lustig", which didn't quite catch me but it certainly opened me up to this type of music. But it was their split with Majeure released earlier this year that shed more light on electronic music for me, and also made me keep an eye out for their next upcoming full-length.

However, with "Gottes Synthesizer" the band have opted for progression in the form of regression, as they are now whole-heartedly embracing electronic/pop music of the 70s and 80s. As much as I should probably try to keep this review objective, your opinion on "Gottes Synthesizer" will ultimately hinge on whether or not you like their retrospective take on electronic music. What I, personally, liked about their previous stuff was how the trip-hop ambience was easy for me to relate to and admire. It was the kind of music that you could listen to with your eyes closed, headphones in, secluded. Unfortunately, the moments when "Gottes Synthesizer" allows you such tranquillity are few and far between. "Fast neu ist auch gebraucht" takes a rather minimalistic approach, though it keeps the tinny drum machine beats steady throughout, a swirling ambience is created around it. It's a rare moment when they bridge the gap albums effectively and seamlessly.

It's worth pointing out again that, more so than many other albums, "Gottes Synthesizer" will depend on personal taste. By edging away the calming ambient nature of previous in favour of more ominous, industrial and synthetic sounds, Sankt Otten are likely to alienate some of their fanbase. While you can tell they've created this music love and authenticity, the transition is too jarring for this particular reviewer, and at an hour long "Gottes Synthesizer" has serious trouble holding my attention. It's hard to point out where this band get it especially wrong, but it's even harder to find more than a fleeting moment in which they get it right.

Download: Fast neu ist auch gebraucht
For The Fans of: 70s/80s electronic/synth music, Zombi, Brian Eno
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Release Date 29.07.2011
Denovali Records

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