Death Remains

A Thousand Lives EP

Written by: PP on 13/12/2011 03:51:23

Metalcore crew Death Remains hail from London, UK, and they don't sound like Parkway Drive despite a logo that's a direct clone of the one used by the Aussie metalcore titans. "A Thousand Lives" EP is their four track effort at contributing to the flourishing heavy music scene within the UK, but sadly, it's likely to drown in the masses of identical releases coming out not just from Britain but from across the pond as well.

"A Thousand Lives" EP, dear readers, is how 100% standard (and generic) metalcore sounds like. Death Remains storm through their EP without an ounce of originality within their typical swirling metalcore riffs and coarse screams that belie character or an identity. The songs are decent, so it's difficult to criticize them outright, but they lack choruses, ripping guitar work, or even brutal enough breakdowns that would propel the band ahead of their contemporaries. "A Thousand Lives" EP is simply never better than decent. While in many other genres decent will get you far, metalcore is far too saturated, so the bar is set much higher. Too high for Death Remains, at least for the time being.


Download: Cincinnati Bow Tie
For the fans of: Misery Index, Walls Of Jericho, Malefice
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Release date 29.08.2011

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