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Prescription EP

Written by: PP on 06/01/2012 03:41:58

Sold Out are a four-piece hardcore punk band from Finland, who integrate a considerable amount of post-hardcore influence to their sound on their newest EP "Prescription". It contains only four tracks, so I'll keep this short, although the EP lasts an admirable 17 minutes for what is essentially a punk band.

Track one, "Paramoral", starts things off with a Propagandhi-esque ultra tight technical punk riff, and vocals that alternate between off-key cleans and harsh screams. Basically, what starts off as a technical punk song soon morphs into hardcore, then regresses back into post-hardcore in the duration of just a single song. This is a tendency that carries on throughout the four tracks on display, though the remaining tracks lean considerably more towards post-hardcore. I'm not sure if it's a good thing in this instance. While there are examples of punk and post-hardcore mixing together nicely (early Silverstein records, for instance), it's rare to find a record where the two elements wouldn't stand out in a contrast too stark for its own good. That's exactly what happens here. Add to the fact that the songs aren't even particularly catchy, nor particularly melodic, and you don't have a very good EP on your hands. Word of advice: scrap the screams, stick to a more Propagandhi inspired sound, and you'll be much better off.


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Release date 28.09.2011
Lockjaw Records

Human Incomplete by soldoutband

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