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Written by: PP on 06/01/2012 03:55:19

The promo sheet uses some big words about Ireland's Army Rising and their debut album "Impending Chaos": "Army Rising is SURELY the best thing to come out of Ireland since...well, since ANYTHING". I'm guessing that they have never heard of Primordial, the critically acclaimed metal band who surely would be outright insulted even by the suggestion of Army Rising being slotted as an opening band for them. In fact I could probably name off the top of my head a few dozen bands just in the metal genre from Ireland who shit all over Army Rising, because it's been a while since I've heard an album as poorly finished as this one.

For starters, Army Rising sound like a third-rate Metallica clone playing homage to their more balladic material. Particularly the vocalist has a James Hetfield thing going on, but he is, sorry to say, terrible at his trade. Not only does he sound extremely disinterested at what he is doing, but his vocals are bland, without edge, and completely forgettable. The rest of the band play your conventional metal riffing, but nothing exciting to write home about here either. Topped off with a lackluster production, the recycled riffs and boring vocals don't make a good impression at all. I get that promo dudes get paid to promote bands, but some restraint is in order, because Army Rising are quite honestly a worthless band even within their own band. They're young, so they might still improve, but don't expect them to climb into above average ratings on our scale based on this record.


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Release date 28.10.2011
Rising / Cargo Records

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