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Worldwide Skyline

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Nordic Nomadic is the solo project of Chad Ross, the singer/guitarist of Toronto based Quest For Fire (again, who?). It is best described by a line I found in the promo sheet: "campfire jams meet fuzzed out psychedelia" it doesn't get more spot on than that, and that's a better description than I ever could've come up for his sophomore album "Worldwide Skyline". He's a multi-instrumentalist, which deserves some credit, as he has recorded all instruments but the vibraphone by himself.

But let us get to the point. "Worldwide Skyline" is a soothing, calm acoustic folk album with an avant-garde element drawn up alongside the occasional drone/metal influence. It reminds me of Ancestors in places, whereas elsewhere you can hear the ambient droning of Earth peeking from underneath the otherwise soft soundscapes. There's a strong psychedelic overtone throughout the album - it feels almost like an acid-induced dream of some kind - which means the songwriting focuses heavily on forming atmospheres.

This is one area where Nordic Nomadic excels at. They are introspective and thoughtful by nature, but also more cheerful than is usually the case with this sort of material thanks to the somewhat brighter acoustic guitar picking that gives some warmth to the sound overall. The prolonged synths work on the background forming progressive vibe overall to the disc, and together, all the parts form a rather complete and rich soundscape. I'll admit straight away it's not for me, because the droning progression does absolutely nothing for me, but for some this avant-garde folk meet acoustic meets Zombi (or the genre of Zombi, whatever that is in reality) might be a hit.


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For the fans of: Ancestors, Earth,
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Release date 01.11.2011
Tee Pee Records

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