Signs Of Decay

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Livarkahil are a Paris, France based death metal band who secretly long to have been born in Poland. Their take on the genre is so brutal (deathcore kids, look this way for real brutality) and uncompromising that the likes of Behemoth have clearly been in their dreams (or nightmares?) when writing their sophomore album "Signs Of Decay".

Though the instrumentation in itself is a deep well of brutality, technicality, and blackened death metal combined into one hellish expression that grabs you by the horns and forces a headbang whether you like it or not, it's the singer that takes the cake on this record. He pretty much sounds like the sonic version of this guy: a long-haired, tattooed big fella who kidnaps you during the middle of the night from your own bed by knocking you out with a Viking-era emblem. You'll of course be asleep, followed by unconscious, so you wake up realizing you can't move as you are tied immobile onto a piece of railroad to the maniacal laughter of this guy powering your way with a freight train.

Ehh... that got a little out of hand, but basically the gist is this: the Livarkahil vocalist is a brutal guy that enjoys delivering pain, torture and suffering through his vocal performance, and he is a better vocalist because of that. In places, he'll remind you of the rollicking viking metal style of the Entombed vocalist, but at heart he is a Polish death metal vocalist, for sure.

Another thing that strikes out of "Signs Of Decay" is how energetic it is for a death metal album. Usually, records in this style are categorized as brutal, uncompromising, or insane, but rarely energetic, but yet the interplay between the Viking-inspired yells and the death metal instrumentation creates this effect. As a result, "Signs Of Decay" is a quality piece of death metal that all fans of the genre should be taking a look at, if for nothing else than the unusual vocal style for a death metal album.


Download: When Hell Is Near, Heaven Shall Fall, Above All Hatred
For the fans of: Behemoth, Gojira, Aborted
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Release date 26.09.2011
Listenable Records

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