Fetus In Fetu

Abnormal Disfigurement

Written by: MH on 13/01/2012 10:58:40

Brutal for the sake of being brutal, that is the category I suspect many would place this Danish deathgrind band from Aalborg in. That sentence sounds like a negative thing, but bands like this probably clap their hands in joy and celebrate their success when they figured that their latest record can be described as slammingly brutal.

Their vocalist Michael Bekker possesses the growls of an angry Canadian cave bear in rut, which rarely varies into a modest scream, the reason for that is probably that his growls that kinda sound lyricless work a lot better for him. What can actually be said about this album that is not obvious for the genre Fetus In Fetu plays? You get the whole deathgrind package, macabre titles like "Raped In The Crypt" and "Sleeping With The Dead", there is heavy riffing that is predictable at most times, and fast drumming which sadly failed during the production and sounds a bit mechanic. That said I must admit that it is catchy at times, but it does not at any point sound original, since every death metal cliché is used, even evil intros consisting of a man talking and a woman screaming in pain. Sure those kind of intros are pretty awesome at times, but it does not do much for this album besides a bit of variation.

Now don't get me wrong, this album is not a complete abomination, there is just not much to be said about it. This is a straight forward all evil death grind album, there will be no surprises or "wow" experiences by listening to this album. But if you just want a band that you can bang your head, or mosh like a boss to, then you should listen to it, or go see one of their shows.


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Release date 30.05.2011
Casket Music

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