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All Aboard The Crazy Train

Written by: PP on 17/01/2012 00:20:08

Here's a sound many probably thought dead and buried, never to be found again in the modern era. But music is of cyclical nature, so stuff you though would never come back - like the late 70s original punk movement - is now returning in various interpretations as new artists are returning to the roots after being influenced by multiple generations of musicians in between. The Duel are one of the latest bands to activate the sound and influence of Ramones, The Clash, and especially Sex Pistols on their new album "All Aboard The Crazy Train". They also throw in a bit of early 80s pop and new wave, making for a sound that's definitely a very, very strange one to hear in 2011.

I've seen comparisons to Horrorpops, and although I'm only familiar with a few of their songs, Sex Pistols meets Horrorpops isn't a terrible description at all. But you know what IS terrible? Their female vocalist. Her distorted shouts and heavily modified singing style recalls all the things you always hated about glam rock, and are a major, major turn off on the record. That you have to suffer through them for sixteen tracks and almost an hour's worth of music, well, makes it impossible to enjoy the rest of the band, whose take on late 70s punk can be mildly interesting at times. There are moments where she regresses back to a slightly less annoying singing style, but lets just underline the obvious: she can't sing even if her life depended on it. On some level, that makes her all the more appropriate for the original meaning of the word punk, but the world has since moved on and this just isn't acceptable. Also, the music otherwise is oftentimes boring, forgettable and is more suited as backing music for, I don't know, movies and TV shows taking place during the era depicted by Mad Men, than an actual listening experience. I hate to be harsh, but sometimes you have to be.

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Release date 28.11.2011
FFR Records

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