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Written by: TL on 17/01/2012 23:49:00

Okay, I've been fairly productive on this, my day of staying home sick, but before I finally let myself chill and combat my fever, I just want to knock one last review out of the park. The reason is that local progressive rockers/metallers VOLA have been waiting for a review of their second EP "Monsters" ever since its release back in early October, and seeing as they have been ones to watch among small local bands in some time in my opinion, I have actually hated to keep them waiting.

The reason I have had them on hold then, is partly because the aptly titled "Monsters" scares the shit out of me. No, it's not some blackened horror metal release. Rather it is a work of such ambitious modern prog that a non-musical savant like myself is slightly worried trying to say something constructive about music that seemingly must come from some of the brightest young minds in Danish music these days. As you may read from that, "Monsters" is pretty God damn good. VOLA take inspiration from the djent of Meshuggah and the eerie prog of bands like Opeth and Porcupine Tree and mix it into a helping of highly modern sounding music that is equally punishing, atmospheric - and perhaps most surprisingly - accessible.

You see, while mean, oddly timed riffs come flying at you at all times here, things are kept so firmly in check, that when you also listen to the quirky ambience and the fine barytone voice of singer Asger Mygind, you can actually easily appreciate the beauty of VOLA's compositions, even without normally being an aficionado in the realms of djent or prog. Songs like opener "I Am Not Here" and closer "Enter" are flat out catchy to the naked ear, and especially the latter makes a strong impression, with its brazen bass line sounding like something from dubstep, and its huge, captivating chorus. That song alone is a face melter in its own right, and before you've even gotten to it, you should've heard three fully engaging compositions already.

Moreover, not only in terms of ambition, originality and complexity of material do VOLA sound like a band who should be on their second or third full length rather than merely on their second EP - the same goes for the production job, which, as far as I can hear, is both spotless and potent. All things come together, "Monsters" EP is a scary good release, especially considering what most other bands still sound like on their second ever EP's. So basically look for these guys to be pushing the envelope in the Danish scene in coming years.


Download: Monsters, I Am Not Here, Controllable
For The Fans Of: the bastard music child of Meshuggah, Opeth and Porcupine Tree
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Release Date 03.10.2011
Newborn Music

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