Why The Innocent Die Young EP

Written by: PP on 18/01/2012 05:36:55

It doesn't take long to arrive at the conclusion that "Why The Innocent Die Young" EP is the worst release in 2011. But it goes much beyond that; these five tracks are an abomination to the definition of music, one where the term avant-garde doesn't even begin to explain the sort of horrific, vomit-indulging electronic noise that Dethcentrik tries to pass as 'music' here in disguise. I have to go back almost four years for a release as terrible as this one, and it is unsurprisingly some of the same 'qualities' at play here.

I can start by pointing directly at the gargling and orgling on the background of an ambient piece "If Only", that makes the croaking sound by the girl in The Grudge sound pleasant and like something that should be included on a musical piece such as this one. Seriously, what the FUCK is that shit on the background? But their problems only start there. "Rip My Heart Out" is perhaps the perfect example to dissect: the orgling is not synchronized with the music at all, which consists of ambience for the most part, and intermittent electronic death metal noise that's pushed to the background in a crackling way that makes some of the tr00 black metal kvlt production sound like it had a million dollar budget behind it.

You can't make music this bad by accident, even if you didn't know how to play ANY of the instruments and you had just entered a studio for the first time in your life, and just recorded everything that came out.

No. "Why The Innocent Die Young" might be a conscious effort to pick at the minds of its listeners. It is a purposeful demonstration of what anti-music might sound like. I could also mention that they have a track which semi-symphatises with the killer of the Columbine High School massacre, but really, by that point of the record we're at the metaphorical Marianas Trench of our rating scale. That said, everyone should listen to this, because it's hilarious that this is being passed as music. You can get away with much horse shit by saying you're avant-garde, but this one takes the cake.


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Release date 06.12.2011
Death Incarnate Records

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