Firebrand Super Rock

Firebrand Super Rock

Written by: PP on 23/01/2012 23:14:29

Firebrand Super Rock are a Scottish heavy metal band who play the genre according to the classic rulebook set by Judas Priest, Accept, et al, except they are sporting a female vibrato vocalist instead of a male one. Those who long for the 80s leather metal and crazed hairdos will surely find lots to like here, while the rest of the world will yawn and wonder whether we really need a millionth new heavy metal revivalist band to bore us to death in 2012.

Yes, so as you might imagine, it takes a hell of a lot to convince me in heavy metal, mostly because every band in the genre seemingly tries to clone either Iron Maiden or the aforementioned two bands in one way or another. Innovation and creativity are not among the vocabulary here either, as Firebrand Super Rock pace through standard, by-the-books heavy metal numbers, with majestic vibrato vocals and big heavy metal riffs paving the way forward. It's identical to the letter when compared to 90% of the Priest wannabe projects from Germany, and falls flat on its face when it comes to interesting songwriting. There's a limit how many times you want to hear the same song played over and over again in slight variations, and that limit was crossed about fifteen years ago.

Firebrand Super Rock simply offer nothing that even a fan of generic heavy metal should be interested in, given how such a person would already have this album in at least a dozen different versions on his record shelf. Dead on average.


Download: River Of The Dead
For the fans of: generic heavy metal based on Judas Priest and Accept
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Release date 09.12.2011
Rising Records / Cargo Records

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