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Written by: PP on 25/01/2012 09:13:24

Denmark isn't exactly known for its burgeoning death metal scene; most bands tend to go for the dreaded Danish metal sound instead, a generic form of nothing saying metal which is impossible to pigeonhole into any subgenre. Not so for Deus Otiosus, whose debut album "Murderer" was released in August 2010 and subsequently sent to us for review consideration over a year later. Their influences are as clear-cut and obvious as their own description of themselves: "sinister, old schooled death metal from the ruins of Copenhagen".

Throughout the course of "Murderer", Deus Otiosus rely on the classic early 90s rumbling death metal mold, with rollicking riffs and guttural, roared growls delivering a surprisingly catchy and enjoyable death metal onslaught. It's all very straight-forward and textbook when it comes to the genre, but the album actually benefits from its simplicity, as it is complacent in executing the genre exactly the way that the seminal bands of the genre intended back then. Granted, originality suffers in the process, but the band compensates through some catchy riffing and the excellent growls of Bo Rasmussen, whose work acts as the album highlight throughout.

Nope, it's not something you wouldn't have heard done a thousand times before by other old school death metal revivalist bands in the past ten years or so. But Deus Otiosus nonetheless manage to sound interesting and above the rest of the pack, delivering a rumbling death metal package that Denmark should be proud of calling its own.


Download: Wall of Violence, I Have Seen Him Slay
For the fans of: old school death metal
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Release date 27.08.2010
American Line Productions / FDA Rekotz

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