Virgin Tapestry

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Wolfcrusher are a melodic groove death metal band from Manchester, UK.. Wait, what? UK? I could've sworn that these guys were from the US, because their over-melodic southern rock inspired groove metal sounds so ridiculously American in my ears. Ah well, let's get on with it. "Virgin Tapestry" is the debut release by this British quintet, but all band members have played in various British underground acts such as Not Above Evil, Blood Vigil and Visitor.

"Reborn" opens the album in proper southern rock-infused death metal style, with groovy drum rhythms on top of heavy riffs, followed by screams and growls from frontman Gary Harkin. That goes on for a minute, and it's pretty cool. But then the band thought they'd ruin it for themselves by having Harkin do some clean vocals as well. The man's growls and screams are pretty good, and fit the music very well, but his clean vocals are mediocre at best, and often sound extremely annoying. And the lyrics.. Oh yeah, the lyrics: "I'm right beside you now / take my hand / I'm reaching out beyond the stars". Needless to say, these aren't exactly the most original or interesting of lyrics. That's "Reborn", the first track and the track the band chose to create their musicvideo for. Luckily though, a few songs on the album vary a bit from that formula. "All Shall Pass" is the fourth of seven songs and does a great job dividing the album into two parts. It sounds like it could easily come off an Opeth record as that track with no growls and no electric guitars, and this time Harkin's clean vocals are pleasant to listen to. "Insuperabilis" kicks the second half of the album in with heavy guitars and slow drum beats proving this to be the simplest song on the album, but this is when Wolfcrusher excel at what they do: writing groovy riffs and composing songs that will make your head break whatever lies in your path to the sound of screams going "UN-FUCKING-BREAKABLE!".

Sadly though, Wolfcrusher believe that their sound needs those annoying, whiny clean vocal parts that just sound plain awful. Better lyrics and someone else taking over clean vocal duties might save it, but I still stick to the notion that Wolfcrusher should focus on the southern rock-inspired crushing groove metal instead of the over-melodic stuff that sounds like it could come off of a Disturbed record. "Virgin Tapestry" isn't a bad album per se, but it shows clear signs of a band still on the verge of finding their own sound.


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For The Fans Of: Disturbed, A Life Once Lost, Lamb Of God
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Release date 18.07.11
Casket Records (Skratch The Surface)


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