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An Ounce Of Mud EP

Written by: PP on 13/03/2012 22:26:29

I'm gonna be honest here. I've delayed the review of the debut EP "An Ounce Of Mud" by Copenhagen based What Worms Inherit by weeks (if not months) now, simply because I don't think it's a good record, and I hate to give negative feedback to small and hard-working bands from our local scene. I guess I just really wanted it to get better over a longer period of time. The unit, which is fronted by Lasse Skov (not to be confused with Lasse Skov of Essence), was formed less than two years ago, and have since then been writing music they self-proclaim to fall underneath 'progressive groove metal' category.

Essentially, their sound combines elements from groove metal and generic thrash metal, and justify the progressive tag by merely making their songs between five and six minutes long. The problem is that What Worms Inherit have forgotten a key feature of progressive music in general: the songs aren't lengthy just for the sake of being long (which is the case here); they grow and fluctuate according to a structured plan that probably has a climax or two somewhere along the way to the grand finale. A climax, which never manifests on any of the songs on "An Ounce Of Mud" EP, consequently making nearly every song a painfully long and, yes, a boring listen.

Not all hope is lost, however, because What Worms Inherit have a number of good ideas lurking in between the generic and forgettable moments. Whether it's the usage of hardcore style barks with a teeny-weeny bit of melody in them, or the occasional ripping guitar riffage (see: "Sindustrial"), there are certainly signs that What Worms Inherit are capable musicians able to form moments that actually stick out to the listener. In other words, their only problem for the time being is their lack of ability to string such moments together into coherent, and more importantly, memorable songs. Because no matter how good the band is during their best passages, the songs overall just pass by without leaving any sort of mark on the listener. Almost as if Machine Head - who are their main inspiration by the sounds of it - forgot how to make those epic moments and just focused on the heavy metal tunes that are borderline thrash, borderline Metallica rip offs instead. All of this simply means that What Worms Inherit are currently at a too early stage with their band to be releasing music recorded with as good quality production as this EP has been, because the clean and crisp production leaves them totally exposed for their flaws as a band. Lets take another look in a couple of years, shall we?

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For the fans of: Machine Head, Metallica
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Release date 01.08.2011

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