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Overclocked, Under Threat

Written by: PP on 19/03/2012 14:07:10

The music scene at Brighton, UK isn't talked about much in the international press, yet anyone familiar with the British scene in general will know the city has one of the most vivid and flourishing music scenes in the country. Bands like Burn In Silence, Johnny Truant, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, and The Ghost Of A Thousand all stem from the city, and here we have a relatively new entrant in By Definition. They're mainly a stoner rock band, but dose their expression with heavy amounts of groovy southern rock and also alternative rock elements for good measure. "Overclocked, Under Threat EP" is their sophomore EP and contains four convincing tracks on why the world at large should care about By Definition.

Where most stoner bands are slightly inaccessible due to a sludgy and often under produced sound, By Definition take enough cues from alternative rock songwriting and production to ensure that is not the case. Much like Down, Clutch, and even Black Label Society, By Definition take the stoner genre and make it their own through solid melodies which, while not amazing, are definitely strong enough for the band to start making an impact locally. They also have a great vocalist, whose muscular delivery has just enough swagger in it to make it appeal to both southern metal fans and stoner rock fans alike.

Moreover, songs like "Seed" and "Duck & Cover" balance on a tightrope between stoner guitar distortion, throaty singing and catchy melodies, so that the songs have a heavy base to them but always contain just enough alt rock melody to stand out from the pack. Four tracks may not be much to judge by, but By Definition show lots of promise here. They might not be compatible with national level bands just yet, but "Overclocked, Under Threat" EP is absolutely a step in the right direction.

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For the fans of: Black Label Society, Down, Clutch
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Release date 14.11.2011

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